Sunday, May 20, 2012

Growing numbers of Americans using the Internet for religious purposes

The following are excerpts from an excellent article entitled "Nearly half of online users use Internet for religion", written by Jeff Kunerth and published in the Orlando Sentinel, May 17, 2012.

"Almost half of all American adults who are online are using the Internet for religious purposes, according to a new study from Grey Matter Research in Phoenix, Ariz. The research shows a variety of ways online Americans use the Internet for spiritual purposes:"
  • Nineteen percent (19%) have, in the past six months, visited the website of a church or other place of worship they are currently attending
  • During that same time frame, another 17% have visited the website of a church or place of worship they were not attending
  • Nineteen percent (19%) have visited a website designed to provide religious instruction or learning during the last six months
  • Seventeen percent (17%) read religion-oriented blogs once a month or more
  • Fourteen percent (14%) have a pastor or other religious leader as a friend on Facebook or a similar social network site
  • Eleven percent (11%) have visited the website of a group or organization from a religious faith that is different from their own during the last six months
  • Eight percent participate in religion-oriented discussions online (e.g. bulletin boards or forums) once a month or more
Among online Americans, Internet use for religious purposes is particularly common among the young.  Fifty-seven percent (57%) of online adults under age 35 use the Internet for religious purposes. But its not just the younger crowd. Consider these other age groups -  48% of people who are 35 to 49 years old, 36% who are 50 to 64, and 31% who are 65 or older are also using the Internet for religious purposes. 

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