Monday, September 5, 2011

Religious eGames & Mobile Apps

We are seeing the emergence of Religious eGames & Mobile Apps as part of the innovative fifth generation of multi-media computer interfaces for people to use in obtaining information and interacting with the fellow believers, their church, the Bible, and more. Examples of the many multi-media Religious eGames & Mobile Apps that are emerging can be found on the COSI Open Religious Technology web site.

Computer User Interfaces

1st Generation  -  Command Prompts
2nd Generation -  Question & Answer
3rd Generation -  Menu Options
4th Generation -  Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
5th Generation -  eGames & Mobile Apps

Religious Mobile Apps

The following table provides a list of just a few of the web sites low cost or free and 'open source' Religious Mobile Apps  for religious organizations and their members.

Religious eGames

The worldwide video gaming industry is projected to grow to more than $61 billion by 2012. Today, there are numerous Religious eGames offering an active, multimedia learning experience across a range of platforms platforms, e.g. laptops, smartphonesThe following are just a few selected examples of web sites with Religious eGames.

Religious eGames & Mobile Apps are the innovative next generation multi-media computer interfaces many people will be using in the future to obtain information, manage resources, support ministry activities, and enhance communication between the church and its members. Pastors and church leaders will find these interfaces useful in various ministries, e.g. music, education, outreach.

The following are some recommendations, and next steps for religious organizations, churches and their members should consider taking with regards to these new computer tools & interfaces:

  • Research and identify those high quality Religious eGames & Mobile Apps that match up with your specific ministry or needs.
  • Consider using some of the many free or 'open source' Religious eGames & Apps that are now available.
  • Look for Religious eGames & Mobile Apps that can be interfaced to your church's web site.
  • Recognize that this is a rapidly evolving field with the number of innovative, new solutions growing exponentially.

Again, visit COSI Open Religious Tools to search and read more about free and 'open source' information technology (IT) solutions, e.g. Religious eGames, Mobile Apps, Bible Software, and other tools.

Tell us about any high quality, free and 'open source' Religious eGames, Mobile Apps, or other tools you would recommend to others.

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