Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 'Open' Religious Software Picks for 2011

Based on number of users, community support, quality of software, and longevity,  the following web sites and systems have risen to the top of our 'Open' Religious Software Hit List for 2011. Check them out –

  • ARDA Widgets - Numerous software tools, widgets, religious data sets, GIS maps, and reports available.
  • Bible Time - A free and open source Bible study program.
  • BibleGateway - A web site offering access to an online Bible search engine and other useful research tools and information resources.
  • Christian Clip Art - Links to free Christian clip art provided by the Atlantic Fish web site.
  • ChurchBiz Online - Offering a variety of free solutions for churches, e.g. software, eBooks, music, and much more.
  • CrossWire Bible Software - A variety of open source religious software products for use on Laptops, Desktops, and PDAs.
  • CyberSpace Ministries - A web site offering free software, Bible games, and other products and services.
  • Islamic Tools & Libraries (ITL) – Open source Islamic software tools, e.g. Hijri calendar, prayer time reminder, etc.
  • Lectionary - A web site with free and low cost software, preaching and teaching tools for pastors, chaplains, and other clergy.
  • OpenLP -An open source lyrics projection application developed specifically for churches
  • Open Siddur Project - A collaborative open source project aimed at crafting and sharing siddur related content, software, and other materials.
  • Sabilly Project -   Operating system and software you need in your everyday tasks, customized specifically for Muslims.
  • SWORD Project - A Bible software development project that has created a range of related cross-platform open source tools.
  • TechMission Christian Software - A collection of freeware and open source software aimed at Christian organizations and individuals.
  • Xiphos - A popular open source Bible study software application.
  • Zekr– Open source Qur’an study tool with Arabic and translations.

For more information on other 'open source' or 'public domain' Religious information systems and software solutions, go to COSI 'Open' Religious Technology.

Several other open source or shareware solutions were also possible top contenders, but didn't make the list. I'm sure that by the time we publish our top picks early next year, several of the systems on this year's list will find themselves knocked from their top spots on the open source Religious Software Hit List for 2012.

Please take the time to let us know who you think should have been on this year's list and why they ought to be on the 'Open' Religious Software Hit List for 2012. But remember, they've got to be high quality solutions that have been around for a while, and are being used and supported by a growing 'open' community.

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