Friday, January 7, 2011

'Open' Religious Technology News & Blogging Sites

The following are selected links to online news sites and ezines focused on innovative 'open source' software, technology, and tools for religious organizations and individuals:.

  • Christian Computing Magazine - Keeping readers informed on software, services and other areas of technology relating to the Christian community, the church, and ministry.
  • Christian Century & Technology - News, blogs, book reviews and more from The Christian Century web site.
  • ChristianPost.Com - Link to the RSS feed from the Christian Post web site on news about technology and the church.
  • ChurchMedia.Net - A world-wide community of media ministers sharing ideas, technical knowledge, and news.
  • CrossWire & Sword Project News - Current news by the CrossWire Bible Society on The Sword Project and various related open source software products.
  • Linux Today - Provides news and other information and resources that the Linux and Free & Open Source Software community should know about.
  • Open Source Magazine - An online magazine addressing issues, trends and technologies like JAVA, Eclipse, Linux, Open Source, Open Web 2.0 and more.
  • Open Source Enterprise Magazine (O3) - Focused on the use of Free & Open Source (FOSS) software in Enterprise and Business environments.
  • Technologies For Worship Magazine (TFWM) - An eNewsletter covering a wide range of audio and computer technologies of possible interest to churches.

In addition, the following are links to selected blogging sites on 'open source'  software and computer technology for religious organizations and individuals – in addition to this blog:

  • Bible Software Review Blog - Reviews of free and 'open source' Bible study software products.
  • Church CIO Blog A blog by a church Chief Information Officer (CIO) encouraging ministry leaders and information technology (IT) directors to view technology as a platform for ministry and to think more strategically about it.
  • ChristianOSS Blog - Users, developers, and enthusiasts of Open Source Software discussing how to promote the use of open source software (OSS) in the Church and other Christian contexts.
  • Church Production & Technology Blogs - A list of blogs focused on technology and churches.
  • Digital @ Leadership Network - A blog on innovative digital technologies available to churches.
  • Religion Blogging Sites - A listing of numerous religion blogging sites on the web offered by BlogTopSites.
  • When Religion Meets the New Media - Exploring the intersection between New Media, Religion & Digital Culture

If you know of some other exceptional online news and ezines or blogging sites focused on 'open source' and computer technology for religious organizations or individuals, please share them with us.  We would like to add them to our COSI 'Open' Religious Technology web site.

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